Epic Finish

"The loses I have endured in my life, I wouldn't trade it for the world especially when my wins have exceeded my expectations.."

Life is about epic finishes, especially as the finish line dimishes

and seems the race will never end, keep moving forward.

72-10 is about remembering why you started everytime you start,

your wins start exceeding your loses when you do you part.

Entering into my 72-10 season I realize it's my time.

I step on the court, and let my light shine.

Suddenly I'm reminded when, I used to pray for this.

I'm here now, I was made for this.

God in my heart, mickey on my mind, kake in the oven.

it's about that time.

My team is ready and shoes laced up, ready for war.

Now you get your kake up.


Kyla Johnson